Wellcome to our webpages !!! We are Kostantinos Kapetsonis and Konstantinos Giannakopoulos from Greece ( who created and designed this site ) and we share our love for comics with anyone who likes to learn more about greek comics. Back at fifties (unlike today) the greek market for comics was strong enough for the publishing company of Pechlivanides Brothers to publish the Greek version of Classics Illustrated (the famous USA edition featuring comics' version of classic masterpieces). It was something phenomenal for this time era since the quality of publication itself was of superb quality even for today's standards. The sales at that time era were strong as expected and urged the company to walk a step ahead. Among the original u.s.a. tranlated titles added purely greek productions, thoroughly drawn and written by greek creators. The themes of these Greek Comics Illusrtated were from Greek Mythology and History. These titles are something the comics' lovers outside Greece never had the chance to know. If somebody is either interested both to Greek Mythology-History and art related to comics or is familiar with the classics illustrated series in general, then these old Greek comics is really something worth viewing. Every small icon below is a link to bigger size scan of the cover plus selected pages from the interior. Just click the links and enjoy the journey. There are short comments in english so you may flow through the events, myths and persons..!!



Greek Classics Illustrated Comics featuring stories and personalities from the revolution against the 400 years long Turkish occupation and the after revolution time era.